Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mail Call - 2

Our mail has been later than usual - I guess the poor mailman is having to get out often and tote packages to doors - packages like this lovely one from my sister - I love that she even included a little giftie for Jack - and I put everything under the tree like a dutiful sister should...
...This huge packaged 'arrived' earlier this week and Scout has been so very curious about it and keeps asking for hints - I think it's size makes it special...


  1. yaay! glad it arrived in good order! i just stuck the tote in as a prize for you, so use it if you can.

    i had the camera for my laptop on the desk at work - but i remembered to bring it home we're all set to do a "video conference" on monday evening. i'll probably set it up in a corner, test it with you ahead of time and just leave it running.

    i got a call from granny - she said they were snowed in with 7 or 8 inches, i-26 and i-40 were closed! our temps hovered at 33 all day yesterday - so we got lots of cold rain....when that happens i always feel sorry for the cows and horses out there!

    gotta go - love, k

  2. It's like the 12 days of Christmas, a new gift coming every day. Hope the rest gets there in time. MOM

  3. Fun! I love this time of year when we actually get things other than bills or junk mail in our box!

  4. Oh please show me what the big pressie for Scout is when he opens it. I'm curious too.

  5. Late mail, eh?
    Our mail carrier didn't even run on Saturday so all that "stuff" about mail being delivered -rain, snow, sleet...- a bunch of hooey! -smile-
    Your ornament came on Friday and I'm waiting until Christmas morning to open the box; is that okay with you?
    Merry Christmas
    from Thistle Cove Farm.