Friday, December 04, 2009

Tattered Old Cardigan

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I had this really tattered old (it's at least 10 years old) cotton cardigan which I loved - it's definitely seen it's better days and could no longer be worn in public - sigh...

...So I scoured the internet for a replacement and I found the Shalom Cardigan...

...I'm knitting it in cotton (the pattern's not written for cotton so we'll see) - I'm loving it so far - I'm just to the point where she casts off for the sleeves - I will be adding sleeves - it is North Dakota after all...


  1. Looks pretty already, can't wait to see it as it grows!

  2. I just finished Shalom (+ sleeves) in Cascade Eco over Thanksgiving... I *LOVE* it. Maybe someday soon I'll post pictures.

    I also did 2 buttons instead of 1, which works well for me & my shape. :-)

    I bet yours will be BEAUTIFUL.

  3. It looks beautiful so far. I wish I could knit. *sigh

  4. Oh I have had a favourite jacket for 7 years and it's still going strong but I was only thinking about how much longer it is going to last and how I'm going to cope when it gone :(

    I'd like to see you new cardigan when it's finished.

  5. I really like the cardigan, How will you do the sleeves?

    I have never got on with short sleeved cardis, or those sleeveless gilets. I find I need a cardi because my arms get cold!

    After watching 'Le Gloire de Mon Pere' I was caught by idea of a 'shawlette' to pop over my shoulders when a cardi would make me too hot but I need a 'little something'. It works very well and does the job.