Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cactus - on time this year...

Our Christmas Cactus seems to know what time of year it is this year - Last year it bloomed (barely) in January and then for real in May...


  1. That is amazing. Very pretty. MOM

  2. The cactus is a really pretty table decoration. My table decoration is Fake.

    It flowered really late last year... glad it has come into bloom for Christmas these year.

  3. yep, one of mine is on time this year - its sibling (i re-potted some last year) is still contemplating blooming.

    pretty - i'll have to take a photo of mime now!

    love, k

  4. Pretty blooms.... it reminds me of the Christmas cactus my grandmother always had in her home.

  5. How beautiful! Mine has not bloomed in years. Thank you for sharing.