Sunday, December 06, 2009


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...Just a glimpse at one of the Corners of our home...

...a sweet tea pot and creamer set - a gift from my sweet sister - circa early 90's I think - I know it was pre-Scout anyway - I love/love/love it - and all my tea will be made in it until after the first of the year - I so look forward to getting it out of it's box each year as we decorate...


  1. Unwrapping treasures that we only use at Christmas is like receiving the gifts all over again! I love that!

  2. I love it too that is a very cute set. We pulled out the decorations last weekend and I always love unwrapping my decorations. Each one has a memory for me.

  3. Such a sweet, festive set!

    I still have to get my husband to pull out a few more decorations from storage... I just love unwrapping them and enjoying them again :)

  4. oh how your sis has great taste!! hehehe - they are cute, aren't they? love, k

  5. LOVING them! I always want to scoop up santa mugs at thrift shops and restrain myself, I may not be able to anymore after these!