Tuesday, December 08, 2009

White Christmas Guaranteed

We now have some snow - Scout is thrilled and as it's currently 12 below zero - I think it will be staying for a while...like until April...

This is from a north facing window and sort of gives you a backyard update - now those piles of dirt will be there until the spring thaw and probably a while after that - until it's dry enough to move it...
...we ended up with a pretty good ground covering snow...
...some tracks made by me and Jack - his snow suit has been patched and is in use again...

I just love looking out at all the snowy goodness from my warm and cozy home...


  1. that does put you in the mood for tea and biscuits, doesn't it?


    love, k

  2. Those pictures definitely make me want to cozy up to a fire with some hot chocolate. We are having temperatures in the 20s here in Seattle! I thought we were supposed to have a mild climate over here.

  3. We are all glad you have a warm and cozy home and you enjoy it. I know you are all prepared for a long cold winter. MOM

  4. That is a good covering of snow... you have beautiful wide open spaces to look at :)

    We're expecting anywhere from 9 to 16 inches tonight.... then some ice on top!

  5. It's actually very cold here in Vancouver right now but no snow (yet). Kids always love snow. That's the only way one can make snow angels and snow men :-)

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    And everyone around here was whining about it going down into the 20s tomorrow!
    Keep warm!

  7. 12 below.....you deserve more snow than that! ;)

    Stay warm!

  8. you will have to post pics of your Christmas day. I'd love to see a white Christmas.

    I wonder if you will forget about the piles of dirt as the snow covers them over only to rediscover them in spring.