Sunday, February 14, 2010

...and the Winner is...

First of all Happy Valentine's Day!

...for some unknown reason - the Man still always gives me flowers for Valentine's Day...

Here are all of the correct answers - and you all did very well...

1. Silk Vanilla Creamer
2. Earth Balance
3. Organic Rolled Oats
4. TVP Crumbles
5. Alfafa Seeds - for sprouting
6. Nutritional Yeast
7. Organic Red Kidney Beans
8. Organic Pinto Beans
9. Organic Green Lentils
10. Organic Great Northern Beans
11. Vegan Beef Stock
12. Vegan Chicken Stock
13. Organic Wheat Gluten we put all the names in a hat...

...and an action shot of the drawing...

...Scout draws the name...drumroll please...

...and the winner is Kala Congratulations Kala! - I'll send your book right away...

...this was a lot of fun - thank you for participating!


  1. Congrats to the smart winner!

  2. That was a tough challenge. I only knew a few....congrats to the winner!

  3. Yay, thanks Teresa!!! That was a tough challenge, I might just have to have a contest like that on my blog...

  4. yeah, cool. i would have never guessed #11 & 12 correctly. our stores don't carry that in bulk. fun though!

    happy valentines!!

    love, k

  5. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Cool! Yay Kala!