Monday, February 01, 2010

Isabel Poems

If you're familiar with Ogden Nash - then you're probably familiar with Isabel (I thought it was so sweet that his daughter is named Isabel) and her adventures...

One of Scout's assignments was to write an essay comparing and contrasting the Isabel poem to another fairy tale - he chose The Three Billy Goats Gruff - and he did an excellent job with the essay...

Then he also had to write a poem in the 'Isabel' style...

Isabel, Isabel met a giant troll.
The troll wanted to eat her, and put her in a bowl.
Isabel, Isabel didn't worry.
Isabel, Isabel didn't scurry.
Isabel calmly picked up her axe.
Cut the troll's head off and fried it in oil of flax.

It's pretty gruesome and not at all vegan, but, I love that he used 'oil of flax'


  1. I read the Isabel poems. True they are also gruesome but Scout really did a great job of matching them and coming up with a rhyme for axe.

  2. i love scout's poem!

    i've never read the others - i should look for them at the library. :)

  3. well, you are giving him a rich vocabulary in the world of food! love the poem :)

  4. Clever boy for getting in the phrase ~ oil of flax!

    I think Owen might really enjoy this book and since I'm on my way out to the library I'll look for it!