Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Green Room and the Great Fish Tank Caper

Y'all know I'm a white wall kinda gal...

...I would seriously love pure white walls with walnut trim throughout my house - for some reason this does not appeal to everyone...

...Scout wanted his room painted green - it was white of course... we went to the local paint store - our small town still has one - and perused the paint chips...

...Scout settled on a colour somewhere between neon and celadon green - it's really an odd shade - and the pictures don't really do it justice - I'll try and get some of the finished room in natural light...

...Scout is such a helper - and so thorough - he loved the little trim painter thingy (he must get his gadget-loving gene from me) - and the roller - back and forth and up and down - making sure no white was left showing at all...

...the painting was the easy part - in order to paint the wall behind the aquarium - we had to move it - 55 gallons of water up the hallway and back - I would have strung the garden hose in the window but it's frozen...

...and he's such a good fish-parent as well - gently moving the fish in and out of the tank - all survived the night...


  1. I must tell you of our teenage son's room - black walls, black ceiling, black blind and grey carpet with black and red stripes. He took all the furniture out and put his mattress on the floor. He spent many hours in there and finally felt depressed.

    When we painted out all of that black it took every old half tin of paint in the garage, some six coats.

    pale green - a pip!

  2. that's very nice! i do like a little color on the walls of the bedrooms - gives it some character...but i like the living areas white - just seems so cheerful and upbeat, doesn't it?

    glad the fishy's survived!

    love, k

  3. I bet the fish will love the new color - it seems to suit an aquarium.

    If Owen had his way his room would be orange!!!

  4. i'm a big fan of coloured walls, i have to say, and green is as good a colour as any! our bedroom was green until we moved into our current flat, which is in a listed building, so our landlord is very particular about the walls. they're all a sort of magnolia shade...

  5. What a good mom! My mother let me paint my room pepto bismol pink. She must have hated it, but it meant the world to be. I am sure Scout feels the same way.A little individuality goes a long way!

  6. My friend just painted her house all white and it looks really good.

    I think the green behind the fish tank really adds a nice mood.

  7. I'm with Scout; I love color. My bedroom is deep navy, my front open area kitchen/dining/living area has a sagey green and brick red. My second bedroom has an icy blue colour which I am going to replicate in my master bathroom soon :-) Congrats on your new blog. I will try to stop by.