Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another Swap

Sweet Magarida at By Daisy and I did a little swapsie - I sent her one of my Peace ornaments and she sent me this lovely bag - can you make out the little stitched heart - such attention to detail and such a perfect little bag - how come it always seems to me that I get the better end of any swap...

Thank you so much Margarida!


  1. you're just so lucky!!

    i see you're still "chilly" - we're melting fast now in true southern style! what was frozen solid yesterday is now "blooming" into the slightly greenish grass and fallen leaves below the snow.

    hopefully the 50+ degrees today will get everything back to normal and ready for spring!!

    love, k

  2. Oh that is really pretty! I love having pretty little things in my day to day life, makes such a difference.

  3. Perhaps the little heart holds the clue?

    It is a lovely little bag.

  4. Nice little bag. Looks like it has a zipper and I had to enlarge it to see the heart but it's there. You are lucky to have such special swaps. MOM

  5. i'm glad you liked it! it was my first swap and i was really excited, so thank you very much for doing this swap with me!