Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shall we play a game?....

I know that really dates me...
I did love that movie though...

...but that's not the game I wanted to play - I've been to the closest Health Food store - 90 miles away - and I always come home with this big bag of vegan goodies...

...and I thought it was time we did another giveaway chez affectioknit...

I left the photo big - so you can click on it and get a better view - If you want to play the rules are simple - just post your guesses to all of the vegan foods above - if only one person gets it right - they will of course win - but if not we'll have a drawing - and you'll get an extra entry if you follow this blog - and a third entry if you follow The Vegan Version - and a 4th entry if you post about it on your blog - so play along - it'll be fun!


...a brand new copy of Mollie Katzen's Enchanted Broccoli Forest !

The Drawing (or announcement of the winner and all the correct answers) will be St. Valentine's Day!


  1. hey, not fair!! oh well, i'm not going to get them all right anyway!

    1 - silk french vanilla creamer
    2 - earth balance
    3 - course rolled oats
    4 - tvp
    5 - flaxseed meal
    6 - nutritional yeast
    7 - red beans (or kidneys)
    8 - pintos
    9 - lentils
    10 - navy beans (too small for soybeans, right?)
    11 - wheat bran?
    12 - vital wheat gluten
    13 - not fair!! can't see the bag - arrowroot?

    have fun! love, k

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    How fun! Don't laugh though, my guesses are bound to be way off!
    Let's see...
    1: Soy milk
    2: Earth Balance Soy Butter
    3: Rolled oats?
    6: nutritional yeast
    7: red lentils
    11 : either cocoa or carob powder?

    That's all I've got. :)

  3. TOUGH!!!
    1. Silk Soy milk
    2.Vegan margarine
    3. Oats
    5. ???
    6. Nutritional yeast
    7.Kidney beans
    8.Pinto beans
    9. Lentils
    10. Navy beans
    11. Cocoa powder?
    12. Cornstarch?

  4. How fun!

    1. Silk Soymilk
    2. Earth Balance margarine
    3. Oats
    4. tvp
    5. flax seeds
    6. cornmeal
    7. dried kidney beans
    8. dried pinto beans
    9. lentils
    10. white beans (navy?)
    11. carob powder?
    12. nutritional yeast
    13. arrowroot? I'm with Karen though, I can't really tell :)

  5. Tricky one!
    1 - liquid in a tetra pack
    2 - stuff in a tub
    3 - rolled oats
    4 - yellow stuff
    5 - brown linseed
    6 - yellow stuff
    7 - red kidney beans
    8 - borlotti beans
    9 - green lentils
    10 - haricot beans
    11 - beige stuff
    12 - yellow stuff

    best I can do!

    Good one though, congratulations to the winner.

  6. Oh, and I also follow both of your blogs and posted about your contest on my blog :)

  7. Anonymous6:02 AM

    What a fun game!
    1. soy milk
    2. vegan margarine
    3. rolled oats
    4. quick oats
    5. flax meal
    6. nutritional yeast flakes
    7. red kidney beans
    8. borlotti beans
    9. brown lentils
    10. beans of some kind
    11. rye flour
    12. quinoa flour
    13. spelt flour

  8. This is a great cookbook and has been a staple in my kitchen for decades. My eyes hurt so won't try to name the goodies but appreciate you have to travel so far for a health food store. The best nearest one to me is quite a hike as well.

  9. ok, so i assume that nobody has gotten 11 &12 right??

    let's see, nothing sweet and the quantities are small.....

    i'll guess 11 is almond flour (but that could be used in something sweet.....) and 12 is mustard powder

    this is tough!! i need to run to whole foods and see if i can cheat!!!!

    love, k