Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sledding Hill Fun... really never can get enough of it...

Scout and a friend spent the morning at the local Sledding Hill - there were just a few other people there...

...and the new snow was rather wet and slow going for the snowboards... let's use our disk and make a shield...

...for a fun snowball fight...


  1. Confession: I have never been sledding or snowboarding before, but I would love to one day! Looks like fun!

  2. By jove that looks a bit nippy! There is something special about seeing youngsters in the snow, it looks so healthy. I remember as a child loving to run on frosty mornings.

    I can here the Cathedral bells ringing for morning service. The bells have a special tower of their own, separate from the Cathedral building. I can see both as I sit and type.

  3. Better snowboard while you can, it will be spring before you know it. We're all looking forward to that. MOM

  4. hey! yep, i second mom's proposal that we all have SPRING now!!

    have fun, though, love, k