Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Day Fun

Scout had the day off from school - and he also had a friend's birthday party to attend - so that sort of decided what we'd do on his day off for us...
...That's Scout flying into the pool...

We went to the hotel with the big slide - I'm always amazed at the scale of this place - it's huge - and it's heated - which really amazes me - the amount of energy used...

...huge pretty windows - with a view over the frozen lake...

...that's frozen water all the way over to the thin black line on the horizon...

...A view of Scout from the top of the slide...

...Lots of fun! and lots of water gun 'fights'...

...then on to the party - where they thoughtfully had vegan cupcakes!

...Our present to the birthday boy - some Boy Scout chocolate - some Legos - and a Bible cover for his new Bible...

A very fun day!


  1. It all looks like fun! My children always loved the water and the slides. What consideration to provide vegan cakes, how sweet is that.

    In the movies I've seen small 'sheds' that people take onto the iced lake, they cut a hole in the ice and fish. Does that happen on your lake?

  2. That pool and slide looks awesome!! What a great place to hang out, especially in the winter :)!

  3. Boy, that is special to get a day off from school AND such a fun birthday party. It's amazing you can have that kind of fun in February in ND. Love, MOM

  4. What would we do without indoor water in the winter? Even my bathtub feels tropical today!

    Looks like a great day.

  5. yes, i'm jealous of the warm water!!

    not the 3 degrees i see on your pixie right now, though!!!

    looks like fun and the fact that they had vegan cupcakes is just cool!! if's kind of like when my neighbors always avoid pork/beef for me now at get-togethers. no-one seems the worse for it, either!

    stay warm! love, k

  6. looks like something my kiddos would really enjoy!

    what a nice break from the very wintery winter we are having. :)

  7. hooray for considerate party-hosts!

    i Love water slides!

  8. The picture for the top of the slide makes it look so high. (I think I've got vertigo)

    A great way to burn some energy before digging into to yummy cupcakes.

  9. That water slide is so cool!

    Owen swims twice a week with our homeschool group and he would love a slide like that :)

  10. It has been too long since I've been on a waterslide. What fun!