Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day Present

Here it is a week old and I just realized that I didn' show off my Valentine's Day present...

...remember when I mentioned that I didn't have a food mill in my very first post over at The Vegan Version...

...well - now I do...


  1. These mills come in handy. I use mine mostly for applesauce.

    What delicious things are you planning to make with yours??

  2. how nice! and stainless steel! i'm jealous! mine is old and rusty steel. have fun "grinding"

    love, k

  3. how lovely! and with beautiful roses too - what a sweetie the gift giver is :)

  4. Cool, that's one gadget I don't have yet!

  5. A mouli! How fantastic! I just love this kind of gift - not a bit in the same league as a steam iron or new vacuum cleaner!

    I look forward to seeing it in action over on the vegan site.

  6. I got one of these for Christmas! I can't wait for canning season.