Saturday, March 29, 2008

Luxury Knits

The Man and the Man-Cub came home with this book for me the other day - from the book section of our local grocery store, of all places - it's lovely

I'm sort of annoyed with all of the descriptions of their animal based fibers - but you know I'm quite the 'substituter' when it comes to yarn anyway.

I wish I had seen this before I started Bella - as it would have been so much easier - but i do love the Bella and there's always next Easter - right...


  1. Hey - love the washing machine! yup, i'm going to have to have one of those! sorry it's turned off cold in the sunny south. i had a great time friday. love, k

  2. I never use the yarn called for in a pattern. I call myself the rebel knitter because I break all the rules. But then again I don't make very challenging things - nothing as complicated and beautiful as Bella! :)

    So sweet that your guys brought it home for you too...

  3. That does look like a lovely sweater, for next year that is. Your boys are quite the shoppers for you. E