Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Flowers

See all you 'southerners' - I can get spring flowers too - don't mind the snow outside the windows...we got a fresh dusting yesterday - but's it's going now...

...from the Man...


  1. Yes, you have daisies. We don't have any of those yet.The snow outside is still pretty. We didn't get that much all year. E

  2. ha ha, no we won't have daisies for months yet...but it was nice of the man to get you "ahead" in the flower game!!

    we're back from the coast - i'll post some tonight. the only deer i've seen is the one princess is devouring out in the yard...some hunter must have let it get away because she's in no shape to catch one on her own. natures way, i reckon' aided by man a little.

    oh, i still couldn't read grandma's article, even if i clicked on it and magnified. it just got fuzzy. can you just send it to me sometime?

    love and see u soon! k

  3. Oh - that's too bad you had a deer die in your yard - it reminds me of when Anne C and I stayed up late out in the cornfield by her house to 'catch' some poachers - we were probably REALLY LUCKY that we didn't...