Friday, March 21, 2008

Particle Board - How I Loathe Thee

...let me count the ways - um - 4 - drawers that is. The top right drawer in our bathroom cabinet fell apart today - it couldn't be that I had crammed too much stuff into it - no!

...I take it all apart to find that someone had tried to patch up these drawers before me - with some glue and brads - because despite the nice solid oak fronts - the drawers are actually made of particle board - ugh!

...So I got some small (1 inch) drywall screws and 'fixed' the broken drawer and did a little preventive maintanence on the other three..., hopefully, they'll stay together - I did some serious cleaning out at the same time - so they won't be overloaded anymore...

...everything back in order - carry on...

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  1. I'm sure it is nice to have someone who thinks shoveling snow is fun, especially in ND. Have a safe trip. E