Saturday, March 29, 2008

The New Washing Machine

Our washing machine died last Thursday night - I had to pull soaking wet clothes out and let them drip dry long enough to be able to put them into the dryer - that was not fun. We actually have a Sears appliance store here in town - so Friday the Man met with the executive members of council and they approved the purchase of a new washing machine - YAY! (I wanted to have the old one fixed - you know how thrifty I am and I didn't want it to go to the dump - BUT - it didn't belong to me and the council didn't want to spend $200 to fix a 10 year old washer) - so...

Meet our new energy and water saving washing machine...

I've never had a front loading machine before - the clothes come out almost dry - I bet it cuts the dryer time in half - it will still be a few months before we can dry clothes outside...


  1. Wow - that's great! The house we are moving into has those kind of machines but here in OR, people always take them with them. So we'll need to buy our own. What brand is yours and do you know how much it was?

  2. Hi Vegan Knitting,

    Ours is a Kenmore - there aren't many local choices here so we went with Sears - this model was $799 and there was a 10% rebate and free delivery and set up. So far I like it a lot and it really does cut down on the drying time. Good Luck with yours,


  3. I love front loading washers...they are the standard here in Europe. And a lot of people do not have dryers, we don't in fact! If your washer can rinse/ring them out, at a pretty high speed, then they will dry surpisingly fast inside in the winter. We hang ours up and a few hours later (the most is one day) they are dry! (If you wanted to save money/energy and not use the dryer at all!)

    But we can *almost* hang our clothes outside here!