Monday, March 17, 2008

Seed Catalogs and Springtime

Most people in the country are probably seriously thinking about their gardens now as spring approaches - but here in the wintry Northland - we can put that off for a couple of months yet...

...except that we got a seed catalog yesterday...

...and the Man-Cub perused the catalog for a couple of hours and came up with his wish-list...
The coffee plant is so that I'll have one like Auntie Karen's and the Bird of Paradise is just so cool - everyone would want one - right...


  1. how cute - yes, everyone should have a coffee plant! that reminds me, i've got a handful of beans now - i think it's time to read up on them and roast up a cup! i'll be sure to post that.

    and yes, the bird of paradise plant is cool - diane has one that she keeps in the basement during the winter then pulls outside for the summer.

    have fun, love, k

  2. Hey K,

    I've already placed the order - let us know how the coffee is - you said it would be a few years before any beans - right?



  3. i don't know how big the plant is that you'll be getting. ours was about 4 inches tall in a little tiny cup of peat moss. it was a couple of years before the first beans appeared. apparently self-pollenating because we only have one! love, k

  4. I am going to wait until it is a lot warmer to plant anything here. It just does better. I do need to clean off my garden and get Frank to plow it so it can sit a while. The boy's list is interesting. E