Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gingerbread House

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...I've posted about my mold Gingerbread House before (probably yearly...HA!)

...Believe it or not, this was a project that stretched over several days...I'm often asked how I get so much done...and I have to tell you that this is my secret...I do everything 5 minutes at a time...because if I waited until I had an hour to spend on a project like this - I'd never get anything done... we baked the Gingerbread on Sunday...then on Monday after school - we covered our cardboard base with freezer paper (it looks like snow)...

...we mixed up our 'glue'...

...and put the sides together...

...they have to be supported by a strip of freezer paper to set up so we left that overnight...

...Then Tuesday morning we glued the roof on - and supported it with cans of beans - we're just that technologically advanced you know...and let that dry while Scout was at school...

...finally in the afternoon - we added the frosting...

...and a sprinkling of snow (powdered sugar)...

...and Taaaaa Daaaa!


  1. This gingerbread house is beautiful!

    Owen tried to make a little house with some graham crackers at our homeschool group and I'm afraid we had two collapses - the royal icing needed more time to dry and we didn't support the roof long enough.

    I can see why you make one each year - really lovely.

  2. this is fabulous!!!!

    love, k

  3. I love your gingerbread mold. Ours takes days too. It takes a while for the gingerbread to dry and then the icing on top of it. I like seeing how you bolster your walls.
    Thanks for sharing! We're making ours this weekend! Peace, Angela

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    That is adorable! I am with you on the working on projects five minutes at a time. I do my best work that way!

  5. you know i've been doing things in stages this christmas, too - it makes for less stress - and i think i actually get more accomplished. little batches of cookies. a little bit of decorating at a time. a load of laundry here and there - sweep the floor for 5 or 10 minutes - a few minutes here and there can accomplish a LOT!

    and your gingerbread house is lovely!

  6. Love the freezer paper idea! I never knew how to get the walls to stay put until the frosting dried.

  7. And, very nice it looks too!

  8. Outstanding! And that is good advice... 5minutes at a time... I do often wonder how you do it. :) I'll have to try that out.