Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Dinner

We tried some new Julia Child recipes for our Christmas Dinner...

The first course was POTAGE VELOUTÉ AUX CHAMPIGNONS - this was without a doubt the very best mushroom soup I've ever had...

...then we followed that up with Caneton à l'Orange or Duck with Orange Sauce - made with my very first homemade yuba - a very interesting process well documented at The Vegan Version - so hop over there and have a look...

...I had ordered the goose specifically for Christmas Dinner (all of the Scrooge stories have goose for Christmas)...but when I got out my MtAoFC on Christmas I found that I had not planned very well as I didn't have all of the ingredients needed for the goose dinner - maybe we'll have that for Easter...or maybe I'll check the date and let it languish in the freezer until next Christmas...

...anywhoo...our 'duck' was delicious...what did you have for Christmas Dinner?...


  1. Looks delicious! My holiday meal was good but not that exciting--chicken fried seitan, some corn from the summer we froze, broccoli and a baked potato. I will definately have to check out your soup recipe, it's been a long time since I've had mushroom soup.

  2. Yum! We had simple tofurkey with the usual suspects.

  3. Goose, I love goose. The fat is also useful and can be used for many things.

    'The Blue Carbuncle' Sherlock Holmes story revolves around a goose!

    They are just the best watchdogs!

  4. Oh my. That looks wonderful. We had turkey, roasted root vegetables, green beans with garlic, dressing, mashed potatoes. Then there were lemon pound cake and sweet potato pie for dessert.
    Do you all have a special New Year's Day dinner?

  5. Oh those look delicious. We were actually going to try a Julia Child's recipe this year for the holiday but it was a little hectic to try anything new so we went with the regular ham dinner.

  6. oh that Julia Child... :)