Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Scenes...

...We had a lovely warm 20 (-7 C)degree day yesterday so I just thought I'd share some winter scenes with you...

...our pretty cross wreath - can you say wreath when it's not a circle?...the frost on there is real and will melt later...see Jack peeking out the door behind...

...Scout's climbing tree with a nice layer of hoarfrost too...

...the row of Cherry trees in front of the Church...

...patterns in the snow...


...the Church...

...Wilhelm the Willow (I call him Willie) tree - all bundled up for winter - young trees must be protected from sunscald as well as the deer...

...coming back inside...the new front door...LOVE...

...and our sweet Jack-Jack loves a sunny spot so much...


  1. So lovely! I really enjoy the hoarfrost pictures-beautiful!
    Peace, Angela

  2. Beautiful! I grew up with snow, and I miss it so, so, SO much!!! All these years later, I think I will never really get used to Christmas without snow outside.

  3. My little Yorkie loves a sunny spot. We recently had snow, very early for us, he jumped out of the door and vanished!

    He came in wearing a snow overcoat!

    Frost is much prettier than snow!

  4. i love that you had blue skies to go with your sparkly white . . . we had grey skies with ours - both beautiful . . . and your glass ornament reflections are so pretty, too.

  5. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Looks like a wonderful winter-y wonderland by you!

  6. Much beauty and light inside and out!

  7. yes, how pretty! we're in for some really cold wx ourselves next week. no white stuff, though! love, k

  8. Anonymous11:23 AM

    teeheee snow IS awesome :D

  9. Anonymous12:34 PM

    So pretty! And I love the blue door :)

  10. These are beautiful, as is your gorgeous new Advent 2010 header.

    Last week I was lying on the floor in the sunny spot. My skin felt DELICIOUS. :D

  11. the snowy/icy trees are so pretty against that sky!

  12. All that snow is like a fairy tale. Your blue door is lovely amongst all the white!