Friday, December 31, 2010

...Snow Play...

...we're between winter storms right now...there's another blizzard on its way this we'll have a nice quiet New Years celebration... we headed to the sledding hill...

...made some ramps...

...and apparently aimed for a friend at the bottom...

...just so we could crash...

...good, how are you enjoying the winter? you have snow?...


  1. Oh the wonderful memories of sledding! We used to go for hours and hours when I was a kid. No snow here though... only a white sandy beach and sunshine :) My kind of winter!

  2. Now that's snow!

    Have a happy New Year - and all the other things we wish each other at this time.

  3. hey, looks like fun! just back from florida - our snow here is almost gone, thank goodness! we've got a new years party to go to tonight - i'll get some blogging done tomorrow! love, k

  4. Tons and tons of snow, all melted away by this week's temps in the 50's. What?! We ran around without coats today...felt BIZARRE. I'm sure more white stuff is on its way.

  5. and happy new year!! the ball should just about be dropping there! hope the blizzard is not keeping you stranded! love, k

  6. Sledding crashes are always exciting...LOL.

    It's a drippy, melting, grey mess here in 50 degree Maine. We'll be heading back into blizzard territory soon though - I have no doubt.

    Stay safe and warm.