Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...a knock at the door = another package...

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I love this time of year, when at least daily there's a knock at the door ... or we come home to a package on the deck ... (luckily this one wasn't left on the deck)...a sweet fruit basket from my 'baby' brother and his lovely wife...

...these daily gifts remind me to be thankful for all that we have and all those we hold dear...be they ever so far away...at Christmas...miss you guys lots...

...and you wouldn't believe how many luscious oranges and grapefruit were stuffed in that basket...
...so... what's been arriving on your doorstep?...


  1. What splendid oranges - the whole basket is lovely.

    I think your family do the best gifts. They are full of interest and excitement. Much thought goes into them, they are a lot of fun to receive and they look a lot of fun to put together.

  2. I am mailing packages today, to arrive on someone's doorstep!

  3. Our family are all overseas so we get lots of deliveries at this time of year. We also have lots of birthdays around now in our house so my head spins a bit with all the packages arriving. It is lots of fun though.

  4. We just received a box of assorted roasted almonds from my husband's aunt, yummy!

  5. Lovely. We have been receiving books. Like you have been saying it's fun to give things too. Hopefully I will get some more making done tonight! Peace, Angela