Wednesday, December 01, 2010

...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Everywhere you go...

...I happened to have the camera with me when I took Scout to Karate... I snapped a few of the Christmas lights that our small town has up...

...I remember lights like these in the small town near where I grew up too... they seem nostalgic and old-fashioned to me now...I love them...

...I think my old hometown just puts up flags now...

...does your town do Christmas lights?...


  1. hey - yeah - both Pittsboro and Siler City do some of each - flags and lights. i'll have to remember to snap a, k

  2. I love those town lights. My hometown still puts them up, but I don't think Indy does.

    Glad you got out to the website. Greg and I tried to trouble shoot it last night!

    Our tree is up too, and I'm loving this Christmas feeling right's snowing!

  3. Chichester has become known as the most miserly town in Britain as we have NO lights!

    Such a shame.

  4. I love these posts. I remember these decorations from when I was a kid. They used them all over GA. I remember riding to my grandma's house and just being amazed by them. Different parts of our town do different things. We have lit wreaths and garlands, shopping plazas have flags, and near the Center there are more lights and garland. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Angela

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Our town has a big huge pine tree next to the firehouse that they light up each year.

  6. While we live within the city and there is plenty to see downtown, our little borough or ward as they call it puts up some lit wreaths on the street light poles and lights a tree by "the cannon" (a cannon in a small veteran's memorial park on the main drag). I love to see the lights come up too!

  7. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!!! i came to your blog after visiting others, in all of them were posted lots of pictures of christmas decorations, ideas for presents, etc. so i was chanting to myself "it's beggining to look a lot like christmas" at the exact moment i opened your blog and read the title of this post... such a coincidence! hhahahhahhahah

  8. There are some lights near where we live...the old fashioned kind like the pictures you shared.

    I agree - they are quite festive!

    Happy Advent to you!