Thursday, December 09, 2010

Reflections on Reflections...

...Reflections amaze me...

...I love these sparkly ones...

...and this one - you can tell what that is can't's a glass ornament that Scout won at the Scout Christmas party years ago...

...I remember learning about reflection in geometry - remember that - the mirror line - I think we might have spelled it reflexion though...then many years later - there was reflection in Computer Science - that's where a running program can 'reflect' on its own code and make changes to itself - it has to sort of treat it's own code as 'data' to be able to do this - but it's still pretty amazing...and in the networking world - there can be reflection on optical fiber - back to it's origin instead of it's destination...these are some of the reflections I see in my life (besides all my mental ones)...

...where do you see reflections in your life?...


  1. All over, our apartment is filled with light and now that we have holiday decorations up it seems there are reflections everywhere.

  2. rather philosophical today aren't we???

    although i must admit i have some of the same thoughts...

    love, k

  3. Glad you like the soup recipe! I love reading your blog but since i read the feed rather than the blog itself i hardly ever comment! I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas! Xx

  4. You tree is already up!

    I see you are a vegan- any great soup recipes???

  5. I love it! If I could I would sit and watch those reflections all day. They are mesmerizing!
    Peace, Angela

  6. My girls call those "fairies" :)