Thursday, February 02, 2017

...W.I.A.Y. .... always try to start my day with a big rehydrating drink of water...I usually add a couple of teaspoons of either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice...
...I've recently discovered Matcha...and I love it...I don't have all the 'kit' that goes with a proper tea ceremony...I just whisk it up with a mini whisk until frothy...sometimes I drink it plain and sometimes I add a little bit of almond milk...
Breakfast - yogurt with
Lunch - Vegan Cheese Pizza, Salad with Blood Orange
Dinner - Sauerkraut and tofu, Grandma's mashed, green beans, vegan cornbread, and tomato soup

...your turn...what did you eat yesterday...ever tried Matcha?


  1. no, i've never tried it, looks interesting!

    love, k

  2. No, never tried Matcha but I do read of its great health benefits.

    Yesterday I had the usual breakfast, hummus with roasted red pepper, avocado and tomatoes for lunch. Greek potato stew with home made (machine) spelt and rosemary bread. Lots of fruit salad as I got cheap fruit from the Wednesday market.

  3. I've tried matcha before. It wasn't my favourite but I would try it again if it weren't so expensive at the tea and coffee shop. Perhaps I should buy some and whisk it up like you but I've got a full cupboard of teas! I need to use that up first and oh my, I just bought more last night, he he.