Monday, January 11, 2010

Appliances and Treatment Plans

I normally post in the morning before I start work...

...but this morning I didn't start work - as I had to drive to Grand Forks... of the joys of living in a small town is that we don't have specialists - such as orthodontists within 90 miles of here... we got up bright and early and drove to Grand Forks for Scout's Orthodontist appointment...

...and after a few hours of x-rays and photos and impressions and spacers (and quite a bit of money too) - we get to drive another 90 miles back home - looking forward to a repeat trip in a month for the installation of the 'appliance' - Scout says he 'hates' it when they call it that - it does sort of sound like he's going to have a refrigerator in his mouth - hehehe...

...the 'appliance' is some sort of a retainer/spacer thingy to hold his back teeth back and allow some space to develop in the front - the actual 'braces' are still about a year away - cha-ching$$$


  1. Interesting ! Hope you made a holiday of the trip to the big town. MOM

  2. oh, the joys of ortho! robert had an "appliance" that looked like shock-absorbers attached to his back teeth.

    that 90 minute drive will be a pain!

    it will be worth it for a lovely smile (not that it's not already, of course!)

    stay warm, love, k

  3. That sure takes up a big chunk of the day. Good luck with the "appliance" Scout!

  4. My husband went through the braces thing too. I didn't but I always wanted braces and tried to fashion braces out of paper clips. Did you have braces?

  5. Hi Maria,

    I did not have braces - but I wanted them terribly when I was in Jr. High...

  6. Oh yuck I hate the dentist. As a child I had braces on my bottom teeth. 5 different plates. and night brace 3 times oh and all 4 wisdom teeth removed.

    You can only get me to the dentist kicking and screaming now or after a fix of Valium.

  7. i used to have a fixed brace when i was 15. i'd always wanted one because mikey in the goonies had one, but when i actually had it, it wasn't that cool... and my orthodontist had the most crooked teeth ever!