Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Storm Days

Scout didn't have school yesterday because of the 'storm' (aka Blizzard)...

...so we got out one of his Christmas presents - folded up the table cloth and got to work...

...a puzzle from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park...

...I absolutely love working puzzles - especially together...

...This is the progress so far - it looks like it'll be a 2 day puzzle - the sky always takes the longest - I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorites...

What do you do with your kids on snow days? Do you like working puzzles?


  1. i remember snow days with the kiddos - spent mostly washing/drying the myriad clothing articles that got removed as they came/went outside to play!

    brave doing a puzzle with so much blue sky!!

    love, k

  2. I love jigsaws and buy them from charity shops - always that extra frisson of excitement, will all the pieces be there!

    They seem to be either 500 or 1000 pieces - a puzzle with 750 would be ideal.

  3. Oh I love puzzles. My cats make it challenging.

  4. I love puzzles, and Sara did too until I used the "world as a jigsaw puzzle" to explain the earthquake in Haiti. Back to square 1!

    Stay warm!

  5. I don't have kids and I don't do puzzles myself but my niece absolutely loves them. She is autistic and can spot the right piece (like for your sky) with no problem :-)

  6. we don't have snow days, but we did do jigsaws when it was just too rainy to play out... if i had kids, my vote would be for something messier!

  7. Puzzles test my patience, but when they are done, they are worth the effort! Reading is my favorite snow day activity. We're gearing up for an ice storm later this week, so it's a good thing I have a stack of books to read!

  8. we are starting to like puzzles - we did a 100 piece of the US a week or so ago and had fun. :)

    since we homeschool, we have school either way . . .

  9. Your puzzle will be so pretty when it's finished.

    Sadly I don't really enjoy doing puzzles. My older sister always has one going though and finds it very relaxing.

  10. We used to do lots of gigantic puzzles but my one cat, Maddie, would always try to "help" and so inevitably, there would be a piece or two either chewed up a bit or entirely missing when the puzzle was completed. Nowadays, she just knocks over as many drinking glasses of water that she can. Anything on a tabletop surface is fair game to her...she's lucky she's cute...

  11. We don't have snow days :(

    My daughter's not into jigsaws but I like them and remember doing them with my mum.

    My son likes them the the ones I do with him are a lot less complicated and can be completed in just a few minutes but they are still fun.