Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Milk Jug...

Scout and I were perusing our favorite Antique Store - on the porch of which there is an assortment of 'unsellable junque'... amongst these oddments - I spied an old half gallon milk jug - full of - well crud...

...I picked it up by it's handle and carried it inside - and asked the owner 'how much' - she smiled and said that she thought everything outside was 'free' - to anyone who would take it...

..she also said that she remembered milk being delivered in those bottles - they had a waxed paper 'cap' that popped down into the lip of the bottle... we took it home and scrubbed and scrubbed and sterilized and sterilized and finally thought it was clean enough to hold our homemade soy milk (my soy milk maker makes 6 cups at a time and so I always had to have two milk bottles in the fridge)...

...then there was the problem of a lid - I got out all of my different jar lids - and Tupperware lids and couldn't find a good match - I took lids off of spice jars and pickle jars and salad dressings - nothing quite fit...

...finally I pulled a sleeve of those red plastic drink cups out of the cupboard - leftover from Scout's red-white & blue birthday party - cut one off and - VoilĂ  - a perfect fit...

...I took it down to the laundry room and stretched a piece of aluminum foil over my iron and melted a little 'rolled edge' on it - and it's so perfect - it even matches the super duper red handle...


  1. that's a cool find and an even cooler way to make a lid!

    love, k

  2. I love glass milk jugs. Reminds me of milk delivery in gallon jugs. Lucky find. MOM

  3. i'm always so impressed with your creativity, teresa!

  4. We used to have milk delivered in similar shaped pint bottles (imperial pints), they had a foil cap. In the country the blue tits would peck through the lid and drink the cream. It was quite common to see bottles with caps to stop them.

    I thought it was lovely that they did it - I knew nothing of the hygiene implications.

    I think your bottle with the red lid looks quite the thing.

  5. Oh yeah. I remember milk being delivered in those bottles. I even have a milk bottle carrier that has four or five of the six spaces filled with "vintage" milk bottles.
    Ah, the memories.

  6. I love it! It looks creamy, comforting, and inviting. And kudos on the matching lid.

    And since everyone is sharing stories, we lived out in the country, much too far for any milk man to deliver milk, but we did occasionally barter for five gallon buckets of fresh milk. I remember watching a neighbor milk his cow one final time before loading a bucket into our truck. :) Milk tastes very different fresh, and even a bit different from a jug rather than a carton.

  7. I'll say it looks excellent and as if the red lid came with the jug. May you enjoy your soy milk in it's more convinced new home.

  8. What a great find!

  9. These old glass milk jugs are great and you were clever to find a top for yours!!