Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The First Snowman of 2010

With temperatures ever so slightly above zero...
...Scout ventured outside to build the first snowman of 2010...
...now all he needs is a nice warm scarf...

...He carved his face and said that he looked just like Sid from Ice Age - so he's called 'Sid the Snowman'...


  1. Sid looks great! Your boy is brave indeed to go out in such cold temps.

    Despite several feet of snow on the ground it has been a balmy 34 degrees here today :0)

  2. I need to get out and make a snowman!

  3. So cold! It was 8 below here this morning, so the most we can do is look at the snow. Boo!

    Stay warm!

    Best, Indiana Lori

  4. Cute snowman! I would not have been able to stand out there and make one in that cold! Brrr....

  5. Thanks for stopping by:)
    We have a lot of snow today too-well, maybe not as much as you!

  6. Brrr.. it is quite chilly in my neck of the woods too! It is nice to see your family enjoying the snow : )

  7. It does look like Sid! My girls just watched Ice Age 3 yesterday, actually.

  8. hey! cool snowman - we're in indiana right now and it's cold here too! i understand it's cold in n.c. also....notice a theme here - i'm not much on cold!!

    have fun, love, k