Friday, January 29, 2010

Crocheted Tops/Knit Bottoms

Crocheted Tops...

Knit bottoms...

You may remember this old-patched-many-times pair of slippers...

I crocheted them many years ago and have replaced the bottoms many times - it's funny that the tops never seem to wear out...

...and since I knit a lot faster than I crochet I decided to knit the bottoms this time - picking up the sides of the crochet tops as I went along (no seams that way) - I used 2 strands of (somewhat coordinating) yarn from my stash - I didn't have any pale blue and it doesn't really matter to me that they don't match - they're warm and hole-free and ready for another few months of wear...


  1. how cozy for the -15 degrees i see on your pixie!

    we're bracing for a storm (i'm sure would be minor up there!) but they're also calling for the possibility of 1/2" of ice - that could get really ugly quickly!

    stay warm! love, k

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Oh these are great! Super cute. I like how the tops look kind of lacy, but the soles are all business.

  3. i love how many lives these slippers have had - i'm a barefoot girl (yes, even in an unheated, wood-floored, victorian flat in scotland), but all this talk of slippers on your blog is making me want to wear some just to join in the fun!

  4. Very cool, I love how you can keep giving them a new life!

  5. Cute! It's hard to let go of things we love. What a great way to keep them going!

  6. teresa, i gave your blog an award yesterday... you usually have plenty of interesting things to write about, but in case you're short, it's a posting session in itself!