Saturday, July 27, 2019

...Dinner and a Movie...

...I couldn't really find a lot of information about the Good Mother Stallard beans...Seedsavers says this:

'One of the 1,186 beans given to SSE in 1981 by bean collector John Withee of Massachusetts. Named for Carrie Belle Stallard of Wise County, Virginia. This variety dates to at least the 1930s. Maroon beans splashed with white, 5-6 seeds per pod. Wonderful rich meaty flavor, great for soups. Very productive. Pole habit, dry, 85-95 days. ±680 seeds/lb.'
...cooked up in the Instant Pot..
...and served with greens, rice and cornbread...

...Y'all may have noticed in the comments that Maureen recommended that we watch The Card entitled The Promoter for the American Audience...after I posted about my birthday dish from Burslem... was sweet, cute and funny...I enjoyed it...

...I also bought the Kindle version The Card (Denry The Audacious in America), The Old Wives’ Tale & Leonora for 99¢ will be a fun read I'm sure...and I'm happy that it's a trilogy...

...what have you been watching lately?...

~Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I am so pleased that you enjoyed The Card, the book is also a good read. Gotta love Denry!

    1. Hi Maureen,
      ...It was a sweet and simple film...and I downloaded the books too...thanks for the recommendation...

  2. When we get a chance, we're watching the Stranger Things series. Probably too "scary" for you, but good sci-fi/suspense fun for us.

    Love, K

    1. Hey K,
      ...the Kiddos watched all of those...I've heard that season 3 was not as good...I've seen bits and pieces of it...and yep...too stressful for me...right now they're binging on the 100...and it's really really stressful...I don't even like to be within earshot of it it's quite gruesome...