Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Quilt for Lutheran World Relief

I stitched up another quilt for LWR - there were just a few of the "cow" sqares in the bag of donated fabric and about 10 yards of the black check. So the entire back and most of the top are the black check - I'm thinking of tying it with red yarn - not as bright as some of the quilts - but maybe it will find a good home anyway.


  1. hey, that's cute - and yes, I think the red yarn will set it off quite nicely.

    nothing going on here...

    love, k

  2. I think I have enough material to make 6 quilts - I hope so anyway - in other news my hair is almost long enough to donate again - I can't wait to have a bob again - how are you adjusting to your short hair...