Friday, March 23, 2007

Hair Friday

This is really from last night - so it's Hair Thursday - The Man-Cub's big production of "Get Hoppin'" was last night so I got sort of dressed up - sort of really dressed up for here - where no one hardly ever dresses up - maybe for the prom. So this is a picture of the up-do - slightly mussed.
And here's a closeup - I should have taken the pics before the play...

First I pull my hair into a pony tail - then I just twirl a section of hair around my fingers and pin with a bobby pin around the base of the pony - and then pin the middle section back to the top/middle - it's pretty easy.
Boy did my head hurt when I took it down 'though. Thanks for the sweater, Mom.


  1. Jacket looks great on the boy. I'll bet the play was a lot of fun.
    You can do a lot with your hair as long as it is. I know you plan to donate soon and start over.
    We will post new pictures soon of new project - GREENHOUSE. E

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the greenhouse in person too. We're going to make one (it's in the cub scout manual) out of a box and cellophane - to start some seeds in soon - haven't figured out how to keep it from blowing away yet.