Friday, March 23, 2007

Break a leg

The play was a huge success last night - our "tough bunny" stole the show - all the kids wanted to borrow his jacket. He had the cutest lines and said them with so much expression - he got lots of laughs.

And I realized that I never posted any finished photos of the jacket - so here's some detail I hope you can see.

The Man-Cub loves the jacket and says he wants to wear it when it gets warm enough - I'm glad he likes it so well and wish that I had been more careful to get the seams straight, etc. - as I thought it was just a one-nighter. All told I spent about $11 on the jacket. It was a ladies size small black rain jacket - that I got at the second hand store for $8 and then I bought 3 dog collars and cut the buckles off for $1 each. I already had the little grommets from another project. Oh, and I did break 4 sewing needles in the process, but I won't count that.

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  1. hey - the jacket did turn out nice, didn't it? you're so handy! nothing much going on here - love, k