Monday, March 26, 2007

The Easter Sweater

The back is done and blocking and I'm pretty happy with it. I started the first sleeve last night - the back took almost exactly 3 skeins - so I'm expecting the same of the front and hope to get both sleeves out of another 3 skeins. This is a very easy knit - you could almost read boring here - it's just stockinette - but there are increases and decreases and row counts - and it's just the thing for speed knitting...


  1. Nice color, should go well with the print you showed earlier. You have plenty of time to finish before Easter if it goes as fast as that. By the way, in answer to Sudoku questions, it is mostly like a crossword puzzle in that two people could work on same puzzle but it would be a joint effort and not a competition. If you both had the same puzzle, you could see who finishes first. I would never play that way since I am very slow. E

  2. Maybe I'll get one of the booklets of puzzles and try it. I hear it can be addicting - but maybe I'll carry one around with me for when I have to wait in line, etc...