Monday, March 05, 2007

Our recent blizzard

As you probably know - we had a nice blizzard last Thursday. We've dug our paths out and can now get out of the garage. And - yesterday it was nice enough for the Man-Cub to play on the mountain of snow they pushed up off the parking lot at the church. Such fun - digging tunnels and playing Hoth...

Sometimes it's hard to get the scale of how deep snow is - This is my garden and it has a three foot fence around it...


  1. see my comment on the last post, in case you haven't already.

    when you talked about the mounds of snow, i guess i wasn't picturing it to be quite so huge!

    you can have it though, i'm ready for spring!

    love k

  2. I'm ready for spring too - but it will still be a couple of months getting here...