Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dish Towels for the Church

A lady in our Parish died about 1 month ago, and when the family went through her belongings they found a stack of about 50 unfinished dish towels - She embroidered dish towels all the time - she gave me this set with little boys embroidered on them when we moved here. Aren't they the cutest...

So the family donated the towels to the church and the ladies from WELCA divided them up - I got 7.

I ironed and hemmed them and then we're all going to embroider a little blue cross on them - in case you take them home from Church to wash them - they won't get mixed up with yours.


  1. I went to an auction with Granny & Corty last year - and there was a stack of muslin towels just like what you show here! Dozens of them. I thought about bidding on them but missed them (I was outside with the tractors/lawn equipment when they were bid). It must have been passtime some years ago - the ones I saw looked like they had been in a box for years. Neat.

    By the way, I pulled up the 10 day forcast for you - looks like you will be able to bring out the summer wear - 40 degrees next week! woo hoo!

    Love, K

  2. Yep - it's about 16 right now - a definite warming trend - spring is pretty messy here - with all the snow melt and mud - but I'll take it anyway.