Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Easter Project

Of course, I don't have enough to do - so I'm going to try and make a sweater to wear for Easter Sunday. I found a pretty print for a skirt (you can see the material in the corner of the picture)- and then of course could not find anything that I liked to match it. I thought I could probably wear the sweater I made for our Renewal service a few years ago - although it's very dressy (and I still can if I don't get this one finished). So, I bought the material for the skirt - and then, wouldn't you know it - with our limited resources here I couldn't find any yarn to match it either - I was trying to match some of the green - and I wanted cotton of course.

I finally found a mercerized cotton crochet thread that matched well and I bought all 5 skeins that they had - that won't be enough of course - so I asked the clerk to reorder - the rest will be here April 3rd. Then I fooled around with the gauge all weekend - I kntted several swatches with 2 and then 3 threads on different sized needles until I finally got gauge.

I'm making the "nothing but a T" shirt from MagKnits.
So, I plied the thread together to make a pretty yarn - it has a nice sheen to it and it knits almost like a ribbon.

Wish me luck - I may not have time to post - as every spare minute from now until Easter will either be spent knitting or practicing the organ - I'm playing again on Easter Sunday - Whew!


  1. Hey, I posted this comment already - but it just disappeared....I said that you were nuts to start such a project so close to Easter. I also said that Mom would love the color (me too!) Love, K

  2. I saw that you both listed your fav color as green - when I took the color test - I was Olive Green - it was for St. Pat's day I think
    The Man-Cub's favorite color is green too - and he said the other day - I wonder how people pick their favorite color...I wonder...