Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sleepy Jack

I sneaked up on Jack while he was sleeping and snapped a picture as soon as he woke up...

He is really turning out to be a sweet dog - he was such a fireball his first 18 months that we were a little worried - and he still has his moments - but his sweet moments are now more common that his naughty moments...


  1. Hey - yeah, my dogs don't like the camera either. I assume the buzz of the electronics frightens them. I never seem to be able to get a good photo of them either because they run away when they see me hold up the camera. He looks sweet (but don't they all - well, maybe not pit bulls....)

    Love, K

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    oh my gosh I think it is soooo cute that your dog is named Jack. Just because....well you know...

    I also love it when dogs have uber human names. For instance our dog is named Bob and once we met a dog named Chuck.

  3. Hey K,

    Jack is sweet - how are goldie and princess? Getting grey hair - how old are they now - I remember visiting you when they were puppies.



  4. Hi Sarah,

    I like one syllable pet names - they're just easier for the dog to learn and better for commands - not that Jack follows many commands...hehe..