Sunday, March 04, 2007

You're not going to believe this - I made VEGAN Chocolate Chips

Frustrated with the inability to find vegan chocolate chips here in the middle of nowhere - I had used an expensive vegan chocolate bar - chopped up in the past - and had my local grocery store had anything but the mint variety I would have never tried making my own...

I had a couple of ugly failed attempts - I won't bore you with the details or the ugly pictures - but I'm quite happy with this result.

This is the Chocolate Cookie Heaven recipe I've used before -

They held their shape well and melted in the cookies:

1 - 2 oz block of unsweetened chocolate - Nestle's is vegan
3 T of canola oil
1/2 cup powdered sugar

Melt the chocolate and add the oil and stir in the powdered sugar - that's all there is to it - then I put it in my cake decorator and piped little chips onto wax paper.


  1. I know that - but I don't add them to my Chocolate Chip cookies...

    Love ya,


  2. how cute -

    forgot to tell you - you'll probably get a package from me in a day or so (in the mail). I picked up this box of misc. office "stuff" at the thrift shop for a dollar. included was a package of paper/copper sheets that i couldn't identify. figured you might be able to figure out something "crafty" to do with it. if not, recycle!

    love, k

  3. That's some ingenuity! Your cookies looked very good too!

  4. Thanks Patricia - they're very good - the Man-Cub said that my Chocolate Chips were the best he'd ever had - he's so funny...

  5. Hey K,

    The package came yesterday - I'll probably use it with my scouts - I think they can get a pin or a beltloop or something for metal working...



  6. Wow, you were determined to get chocolate chips! Good on you for making them. I guess you dropped them out of a cake-decorating thingy?