Thursday, March 29, 2007

One sleeve down - one to go...

I finished one sleeve for the Easter Sweater and it's blocking - it was easy and quick. There's no color variation in real life - the sleeve is still a bit damp. I've started the second sleeve and hope to have it finished tonight. Then the front and the collar and I'll be done. Whew!

Not that I'm sentimental or anything - but those blue knitting needles were my first pair - purchased for me by my Mom at the old Roses store in town. I was trying to knit a Dorothy Hamill sweater - but the intarsia was too much for me and after many tears I finally gave up - Mom then gave the yarn to Oveda for some project she was working on - but I've always kept the needles. I'll post another time about the old knitting needles that we found in a trunk up at Nanny's that I actually learned to knit on. I still have them too - they are size 5 and bakelite - pretty precious...

This is the nifty knit in hem - you just pick up stitches from the cast on row and knit them together with the stitch on the needle - it's very smooth looking.


  1. I think it's amazing that you still have those things from your childhood and am glad that you appreciate them, Nanny would be pleased. The sweater is looking great. E.

  2. Yep - you know sentimental me - I'm such a keeper - the Man doesn't use that word though - he has another one I think it's packrat...