Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Tarte Rustique

Mom asked about the Tarte Rustique - and I made another one - cherry this time - for the Man-Cub - he loves Cherry Pie.

Basically, you just make a pie crust and roll it out - I didn't even bother with the cloth covered board - it's just sort of free form rolled out directly on the pizza stone - add the filling - here just cherries, sugar and a little bit of flour and I sprinkled some sugar on top too - dump that in the middle and fold up the sides a little bit over the fruit - bake as usual for a pie.

I make my super easy pie crust recipe here and the whole process takes about 10 minutes and we had a yummy pie for Sunday Dinner...

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  1. That's gorgeous and looks so good!
    I LOVE cherry pie, but never make it at home. Now I am inspired!

  2. I'll have to try that for Thanksgiving. Might not work for pumpkin but I like berries or apples best anyway. Thanks. E

  3. Thanks Ramona,

    Mom, I wouldn't try it with pumpkin - haha...



  4. Mmmm :o) that looks so yummy :o) I love the free-form-ness of it all!