Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Chair

Do y'all remember the Marty Robbins ballad "the chair"...

I used to listen to Country Radio when I was little and that song gave me the chills - it still does and that's what I thought of when I titled this post. It's actually a Pastor's chair that is hardly ever used - it sits behind the organ and when I play I never sit there - We've used it a couple of times for a visiting pastor at a baptism or wedding - I wonder how it got cracked...

So it sits there every Sunday forlorn and empty...


  1. If you must read books that haven't been read, surely you must sit in chairs that no one sits in. E

  2. mom, how astute of you to say such!!

    yes, i haven't thought of that song in years....yes, it's a pretty dark song. hope you don't think of it often!!! k

  3. That's funny - I'm reading the Screwtape Letters right now - they're hilarious! I hope I don't think of the song again for a long time - I knew you two would remember it 'though...