Thursday, November 06, 2008

Too Many Magazines

The Man-Cub gets too many magazines - and we've kept too many of them for too long...

They're fun but only for a short time...

We boxed them all up and donated them to his school - his teacher said that some of the reading classes could use them...


  1. yes, we also got too many magazines. we STILL get 3 copies of boys life - one for each of the boys and one for me as leader. plus i get a copy of "scouting". i need to figure out how to stop that, it's a waste at this point.

  2. Hey K,

    I'll keep my Scouting and Boys Life for a while - Now the Man-Cub also gets Dig and Smithsonian - so we still get too many magazines...



  3. We have a lot of old magazines, like 30 years worth of National Geographic, and several years of aviation magazines. I don't know why. E