Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tooth Fairy

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Guess who came for a visit...

After a 2 year hiatus...

I made the little bag for his first lost tooth - which took us by surprise as we were eating dinner with some friends the day before his 6th birthday - I remember staying up until 3 AM working on it - we had read a library book about the tooth fairy and it was a Man Fairy and he had a family - I wish I could find the title of the book because it was a hoot - so anyway - the tooth fairy on his little tooth pouch had to be a Man Fairy...


  1. oh, wow. we have yet to enter the land of toothfairies . . .

    it will b fun though, won't it. :) i love the 'man fairy'. my little guy would be the same way.

  2. how sweet - you don't actually expect us to believe that the precocious man-cub actually believes in fairies, do you???

    love, k

  3. I'll post if I can find the book...

  4. Hey K,

    Of course not - it's just one of our little rituals - it will probably continue as long as he loses teeth...



  5. What a darling bag :)....Too cute.

  6. My tooth fairy was a man too. Named Mike Molar with handwriting suspiciously like my dad's...