Friday, November 21, 2008

Mortgage Burning Ceremony

We had a mortgage burning ceremony at church - along with a spaghetti supper - which they call a 'spaghetti feed' - which I think is funny...

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  1. liberating. I hope it didn't set any smoke alarms off!

  2. was it a mortgage that the church held? or was it a member's mortgage. it would be a cool celebration either way.

    we paid off ours a few years ago - but didn't do anything at all except write the check. we should have planned better - it would have been a good reason for a PARTY!!!

    love, k

  3. Hi Donna,

    No, we didn't this time - but we were at another church and we did a mortgage burning and did set off the alarms and the fire trucks came and everyone had to evacuate the building - kinda funny in hindsight...

  4. Hey K,

    Yep - this was the Church's mortgage but also included the parsonage where we live. I definitely agree with the party idea - you should have done...



  5. Always a happy time to pay off a mortgage. More money for other things now. E

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