Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jack Jack

That's what I call our little bundle of snuggly energy.

Here he is going for a walk in the snow - he's not very fond of the snow.

And you can see why here - this is after the walk - he crashes on his pillow in front of the baseboard heater to warm his little pink belly and trotters...

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  1. I like his little jacket! : )

  2. Too bad he won't wear "boots". I'm sure you would be glad to knit him a pair. E

  3. yeah, we were watching the Iditorod race on the tube last night...those puppies all have little "boots" velcro'd on their tootsies. they don't seem to mind. love, k

  4. Aww too cute! Yea I've seen those dog booties too. I had a friend who lived in Minnesota and she put them on her toy poodles (because they have hair not fur and got cold super easily). You should try them for JackJack!