Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dish Towel Transfer

This is how I transfer an image to a dish towel for embroidery...

all I need is a sunny window...

I draw my picture (or copy one of the Man-Cub's) and then tape that to the window and then tape my dish towel over it and trace - just with a regualr pencil - it washes out - and then I'm ready to embroider - I can't show you any completed ones yet - they're for Christmas - of course...

You can see some of the Man-Cub's work here -

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  1. hey,that's a good idea! I'm a wanna-be embroiderer,having played around a bit for the first time this summer. Marcella

  2. That's how I transfer designs, too! Simple yet effective : )

  3. Love that idea! Wow, what a view you have! :~)

  4. Very good idea. Can't wait to see them all finished up :)