Thursday, August 15, 2013

...the buck is back...'s been chilly and rainy here for August...we've really had uncustomary weather this summer...

...but it was perfect yesterday...highs in the 70s (20s C) and lows in the 50s (10s C) ...perfect early fall weather...and Scout finally got to mow the lawn after a week and a half of rain every I was out walking Jack last night...I met one of our neighbors coming out of the woods with a broom...she laughed and said hello and then stated that she had been chasing the deer off into the woods...she said there were two bucks...a big one and a little one with fuzzy antlers...we chatted for a while and I continued my walk...then when I got home...I saw where he had been chased to...
...I think this must be the young one with the fuzzy antlers...we didn't see the big one...
...I think he must have heard the camera...we were trying to be quiet...but he looks like I just said BOO!...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. It's been real cool and rainy here, too. Forecast record low high( if that makes sense ) tomorrow of 69*.
    Our deer don't get quite that close. MOM

  2. how cool!

    we have been seeing some mamas and "teenagers" around here. :)

    also, we have been having unseasonably cool weather, too.

  3. By contrast weatherwise we have had a beautiful July and August, though it is cool and rainy today it is expected to clear up for the weekend.

    No deer come this far into town though they do go into gardens on the outskirts. What we get are foxes, quite brazen as they look into the house!